Michael Flannery Club 19 publicity photo

PODCAST: Former TV host talks Cincinnati, comedy and making a difference

Michael Flannery isn’t really on TV anymore.

Unless you count the Goodwill commercials asking for donations. But for the stand-up comic-turned-local-TV-host, those commercials hit closer to home than many might think. Take a listen to the latest From Cincinnati podcast – a production of Loveland Local News – and learn about how he rose to fame and what he’s doing now – including a lot of fun celebrity stories tossed in.

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Jay Moriarty, TV writer and producer

In From Cincinnati’s inaugural edition we welcome Jay Moriarty, television writer and producer – now author (see below) – and a guy who is definitely From Cincinnati.

After some years learning the ropes – but not too many – he found a TV show and a man he would like to work for – none other than the legendary Norman Lear and his groundbreaking TV show “All in the Family.” That would later translate into working on other iconic shows like “The Jeffersons,” “Good Times” and “What’s Happening Now,” among many, many others.

>Jay has written an account of his life that is a brisk read with some great tips for aspiring television scriptwriters – or people who just remember and loved the iconic TV shows he helped get on the air. Get a copy of “Honky in the House: Writing and Producing The Jeffersons” (affiliate link) on Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle.

Thank you for listening to From Cincinnati. Special thanks to Chris Collier, a Cincinnati musician, raw talent and a great person for allowing us to use her music in today’s episode. Thanks, Chris!

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