Katie Laur: Bluegrass music pioneer

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

Welcome to another edition of From Cincinnati!

On this week’s show: Katie Laur. Katie has done a bit of this and a bit of that in Cincinnati and far from Cincinnati – and it’s safe to say all of it is top-notch. From The Katie Laur Band – which made her the first (or maybe second, as we discuss) woman to front a bluegrass band anywhere – to writing for Cincinnati Magazine, it’s very safe to say Katie Laur can weave a tale as few can. That’s why it’s so lucky to get to … Read the rest

Fashion Designer David Meister

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

You may not have heard of fashion designer David Meister. He’s one of those behind-the-scenes people who make the glittery stars look so glittery and beautiful on the red carpet and elsewhere. But if you like clothing and you like celebrities, you may have heard of him. And he just so happens to be from Cincinnati.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning college, Meister left Cincinnati and headed for fashion stardom – with a few bumps and bruises along the way. Whether it was helping Joan Rivers … Read the rest

Michael Flannery has heart – and laughs

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

Maybe you only know Michael Flannery as the guy who occasionally appears on those Goodwill donate-your-car commercials. If that’s the only way you know him, though, you’re missing quite a lot. You would be surprised to know that Goodwill’s mission is a bit more than a job to him – it hits very close to home. You might also be a little shocked to know the guy is quite funny. In fact, that’s how he got his start in show business (unless you count the days running camera for Time Warner Cable) – as … Read the rest

Heather French Henry: Miss America 2000, politician

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

Heather French Henry, or Heather Renee French, or as I once knew her, just “Heather” the page designer. Or maybe the-one-who-would-not-go-out-with-us, as I would remind her.

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News Heather French Henry, right, and Joe Wessels

Heather and I have known each other since college, where she was the very kind, very capable DAAP fashion design major and, apparently, a beauty pageant contestant who happened to kill some time doing ad design and layout at the illustrious University of Cincinnati student newspaper, The News Record. That also happened to be … Read the rest

Jay Moriarty, TV writer and producer

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

In From Cincinnati’s inaugural edition we welcome Jay Moriarty, television writer and producer – now author (see below) – and a guy who is definitely From Cincinnati.

As you’ll hear in the episode, Moriarty was a boy on a mission who turned into a man on a mission, when, in 1968, he took his new bride (after they married in Cincinnati) and headed west with one goal in mind: Get a job writing for television.

©2019 High Priority Partners LLC Joe Wessels (left) and Jay Moriarty in Los Angeles after recording the first
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NEW PODCAST: Who do you know “From Cincinnati?”

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News

Cincinnatians – and especially many former Cincinnatians – love and appreciate their hometown. No matter where you go after you graduate high school, some things define a Cincinnatian. It doesn’t matter whether they settle in Price Hill or Knob Hill, North Hollywood or North Avondale, Cincinnati – for good or bad – kind of sticks to your insides. And because Cincinnati and the region proudly boast some of the best secondary and post-secondary educational institutions in the world, kids heralding from Cincinnati often do pretty well out there in the big, broad world. Not … Read the rest