Michael Flannery has heart – and laughs

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Maybe you only know Michael Flannery as the guy who occasionally appears on those Goodwill donate-your-car commercials. If that’s the only way you know him, though, you’re missing quite a lot. You would be surprised to know that Goodwill’s mission is a bit more than a job to him – it hits very close to home. You might also be a little shocked to know the guy is quite funny. In fact, that’s how he got his start in show business (unless you count the days running camera for Time Warner Cable) – as a stand-up comedian and later road comic who got to know some very interesting people. Oh, and he also happens to be from Cincinnati.

Also, if you’re of a certain age and from Cincinnati, you most definitely know him as the head of Club 19, a ragtag band of 1990s afterschool cartoon watchers who were entertained by his sense of humor and easily recognizable with those red-rimmed eyeglasses. He was on your square, little television, keeping you entertained when you were really supposed to be doing your homework. Flannery was their leader, of sorts, beaming into latchkey homes across Greater Cincinnati on WXIX-TV, or FOX19 to today’s viewers.

Or you might know him as the reporter behind the 9 On Your Kids’ Side reports on Channel 9 (WCPO-TV). Those stories (and that job) ended more than 10 years ago, but you would not believe the impact that gig had on Cincinntians in general, but, moreoever, Flannery himself. He looks at himself merely as the vessel for this overabundance of goodness emanating from the Gilbert Avenue studios, translated into real action by Cincinnatians and their overabundance of generosity. But, to many, he’s much, much more than all of that.

Listen in to hear his amazing and often funny story, as only could be told by Michael Flannery himself. He’s a husband, dad to three amazing kids and a great example of what it means to be From Cincinnati. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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From Cincinnati
From Cincinnati
Michael Flannery has heart - and laughs
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