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PODCAST: Former TV host talks Cincinnati, comedy and making a difference

Michael Flannery isn’t really on TV anymore.

Unless you count the Goodwill commercials asking for donations. But for the stand-up comic-turned-local-TV-host, those commercials hit closer to home than many might think. Take a listen to the latest From Cincinnati podcast – a production of Loveland Local News – and learn about how he rose to fame and what he’s doing now – including a lot of fun celebrity stories tossed in.

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Dr Amy Crouse superintendent headshot
Loveland City Schools School Board

PODCAST: Rumors and records with Loveland superintendent

Another episode of S(o)up’s On!, the podcast with the Loveland City School District’s superintendent, talks more about levies – this time the new 6.95 operating levy on the March 17 ballot. This comes after the resounding 78 to 22 percent defeat in November 2019 of a combined 16.95 levy. [Read More ➡️]

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Loveland City Schools School Board

PODCAST: Loveland superintendent, Part 2

We sit down with Dr. Amy Crouse, Loveland City Schools superintendent, for Part 2 of the inaugural edition of “S(o)up’s On,” a new podcast from Loveland Local News featuring news and information about the schools [Read More ➡️]