…yourself out.

free and full
of love and ease,
following open paths
through all landscapes,
along life’s mysterious edges
where the confluence
becomes ocean,
then jungle,
then desert,
then city,
then a silent starfield
in the darkness of space,
until a shooting star
returns you to Earth,
and to the even flow
of your being.

Rocks and waters, etc.,
are words of God, and so are men.
We all flow from one fountain Soul.
All are expressions of one Love.
~ John Muir

Last Updated on October 12, 2019 by Brian Mueller

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Brian lives in Dayton, Ohio. He occupies his days working as a graphic and web designer, but not before waking up with a cup of tea and devoting a little bit of time to both reading and meditating. His dog Simon cheerfully keeps him company and inspires him to continue his efforts. Though writing poetry has helped him glimpse a much larger universe, Brian still enjoys staying close to home where he can go to local festivals and spend more time with his wife Melissa.