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Long-time and award-winning Cincinnati-area journalist, radio show host, podcast producer and photographer Joe Wessels is the founder and publisher (and kinda the do-everything guy) of Loveland Local News. Previously, Wessels was the Cincinnati City Hall and Hamilton County reporter for The Cincinnati Post and a weekly columnist for Cincinnati CityBeat where he regularly broke news. Wessels moved to Loveland in 2014 and quickly realized Loveland would be a great place to fulfill his dream of creating his own online news and information publication.


  1. No they don’t need a parking garage . If they do go forward with it I think it should be put out there to be bid on by local contractors . I think it need a to be free of any personal contact by any council member that may make any kinds of gains from it.

  2. No more! Our “downtown” is saturated with too much concrete growth ,already. Expand growth to the shopper’s Haven area on Loveland Madeira road.

  3. Hmm. “Creating news” from innuendo, conjecture, speculation & misstating facts does not lend to credibility. Dave Kennedy has done this community a tremendous service procuring grants saving taxpayers $$. His character & integrity are above reproach & he works has worked tirelessly since the day he was hired. Loveland has been very fortunate to have him at the helm especially during the last 15 months. Regardless of whether there is a garage put there or surface parking Dave will investigate all funding avenues available. I think more people would patronize the businesses & farmers market if they knew they could find parking.

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