ANALYSIS: Hart, Oury and Phelps: Loveland City Council “No Shows” Edition

Published October 26, 2021.

LOVELAND, Ohio — There are three candidates for Loveland City Council who chose not participate in the Coffee with the Candidate podcast, so we decided to invite a local political watcher to help analyze what’s going on with their campaigns.

Incumbents Neal Oury and Ted Phelps never responded to multiple requests to be on the podcast.

© 2021 Loveland Local News. Photo provided. Used with permission. Candidate John Hart

Newcomer John Hart, a Loveland Intermediate School vice principal and longtime math teacher and coach in the Loveland City School District, declined. He said Loveland Local News asking for his employee file from the school district – a very common tactic for any public official – was uncalled for and refused to participate.

So, Loveland Local News Publisher Joe Wessels brought on Ryan Kulik, a political consultant on local campaigns around the country who has a Master’s in political science and lives in Loveland, to talk about what he sees. And he sees a lot. He often talks about it on his own local podcast, and, well, what he sees he often does not like.

Wessels and Kulik go deep into these three men, issues in Loveland, and discuss where things stand just days before Election Day (that’s Tuesday, November 2, 2021, by the way).

Listen and let us know what you think.

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ANALYSIS: Hart, Oury and Phelps: Loveland City Council "No Shows" Edition
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