Loveland Electric Aggregation

City of Loveland officials are pleased to announce that they have established a low fixed rate for members in the city’s electric aggregation program. Dynegy was chosen as the program’s supplier following a competitive bidding process for a two-year program starting with the May 2019 meter read. Dynegy recently won a competitive bid process and is replacing Constellation Energy as the program’s supplier. Program members will pay a low fixed rate of $5.015 cents/kWh for their May 2019 through May 2021 meter reads. On or about April 8, a mailer announcing the new rates, terms and conditions will be sent by Dynegy.

Customers served by another supplier should review the obligations in their existing contract before joining the City of Loveland program, as many suppliers charge a fee for early termination. Customers wishing to join the program must be in good standing with their bill payment and cannot be part of the utility’s percentage of income payment program (PIPP).

The City is pleased to have made this program possible but asks that you do not call the city offices. They are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls. If residents have any questions, they should contact Dynegy at 888-682-2170 after the opt-out notice arrives.

Please Note

Dynegy’s price does not include any taxes, utility distribution charges or other utility fees, charges or credits, and is subject to the terms of the agreements with the City and the participants.

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