BIRD BRIDGE: Construction continues on the closed U.S. 22 bridge, Little Miami Scenic Trail

Blue heron bird in Little Miami River south of the U.S. 22 Bridge
©2021 Loveland Local News. Photo by Joe Wessels/LLN. A blue heron bird stands in rapids on the Little Miami River south of the U.S. 22 bridge on Monday, June 14, 2021 during its summer 2021 closure and rehabilitation. Above and behind the bird crews work on repairs to the bridge structure.

The Ohio Department of Transportation, or ODOT, said construction continues on the completely closed U.S. 22 bridge over the Little Miami River through August.

The Warren County bridge, also known as the Fosters Viaduct, closed June 7, 2021 and will be closed for 50 days so crews can do extensive upkeep on the six-span open-spandrel concrete arch bridge. Crews are replacing expansion joints, overlaying the bridge, patching the substructure and upgrading the guardrail, according to ODOT.

Beneath the bridge, the Little Miami Scenic Trail, or Loveland bike trail, is closed in both directions at the Old 3C Highway intersection so trail users would not be hit by falling debris – and the Bear Run Bridge near Fosters could be re-decked, according to the Friends of The Little Miami State Park.

The nearly 1,400-foot-long bridge is about 79-feet-high over the water and was built in 1937 and re-constructed in 1991. Approximately 16,000 vehicles travel over the bridge each day, with trucks making up 4 percent of the total. The bridge’s last inspection in 2018 left it with an overall “fair” rating, according to

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