PODCAST: Listen to Loveland candidates discuss issues ahead of Tuesday’s vote

Published October 29, 2021.

LOVELAND, Ohio — Voters can listen to 13 different podcasts with or about people vying for office in Tuesday’s election in a first-of-its-kind-locally interview-style radio show format related to an election here.

Joe Wessels, podcast host
©2019. Loveland Local News. Photo by Todd Portune. Used with permission. Loveland Local News Publisher Joe Wessels is the host of “Coffee with the Candidate.” Get the podcast here or wherever you get podcasts.
Photo by Todd Portune. Used with permission.

Loveland Local News publisher and longtime Cincinnati-area political journalist Joe Wessels extended an invitation to all candidates for both the Loveland City School District school board the Loveland City Council who appear on the ballot in the November 2, 2021 election to sit down and discuss their candidacy. Of the 16 declared campaigns, 13 candidates agreed and were interviewed at various locations in and around Loveland, Ohio. One candidate for Loveland City Council, Dave Stanton, dropped out of the race in early October.

Three Loveland City Council candidates either refused or did not respond to repeated attempts to schedule a recording: incumbents Neal Oury and Ted Phelps and first-time candidate John Hart. Those three campaigns were covered in a final podcast episode called the “No Shows” edition and Wessels and local political organizer and commentator, Ryan Kulik, broke down their campaign promises, ideas and discussed those candidates’ viewpoints and votes from Loveland City Hall’s Council Chambers or their declarations on the campaign trail.

The podcast is available in nearly every format to listen to a podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify and you can ask your smart speaker to play the podcast (e.g. “Alexa, play the podcast ‘Coffee with the Candidate’.”)

The podcasts are also listed below and be heard inside this browser window or by clicking on the links below the box or by visiting the “Coffee with the Candidate” podcast series page.

Loveland City Council

Coffee with Tim Butler: Loveland City Councilman, attorney…spinning instructor?

Coffee with Kip Ping: Loveland City Council candidate, engineer

Coffee with Kim Lukens: Loveland City Council candidate, counselor

ANALYSIS: Hart, Oury and Phelps: Loveland City Council “No Shows” Edition

Loveland City School District School Board

Coffee with incumbent Kevin Dougherty, Loveland school board candidate

Coffee with Anna Bunker: Loveland school board candidate

Coffee with Eric Schwetschenau: appointed Loveland school board and candidate Nov. 2

Coffee with Colette Boyko: Loveland school board candidate, software company associate

Coffee with Jonathan Eilert: Loveland school board candidate, pastor

Coffee with Al Juram: Loveland school board candidate, business leader

Coffee with Elliot Grossman: school board candidate, education communications consultant

Coffee with Eileen Washburn: school board incumbent, teacher

Coffee with Elizabeth Mason: Loveland school board candidate, financial specialist

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