Coffee with Tim Butler: Loveland City Councilman, attorney…spinning instructor?

Published October 24, 2021.

LOVELAND, Ohio — Tim Butler is wrapping up his first term on Loveland City Council in a very different place from where he started.

Headshot, Loveland Councilman Tim Butler
Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News Tim Butler. Provided.

Having run with three other Council members last time, one, Vice Mayor Rob Weisgerber, isn’t running after nearly 30 years on Council, and two other incumbents decided they’d rather run without him and picked two new people to form a slate.

The issue? It appears disagreeing with his fellow Council members – who tended to vote in lockstep with one another and Mayor Kathy Bailey (who appears to dictate much of city policy with Weisgerber) – is a good way to get kicked to the curb. So, Butler is going it alone.

In his candidate interview with Loveland Local News Publisher Joe Wessels, Butler talks about these issues, how things changed for him and why, despite being at odds with nearly all the other Council members, he wants to keep going.

Duration: 38:42

Recorded on 9/24/2021.

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Coffee with Tim Butler: Loveland City Councilman, attorney...spinning instructor?
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