Coffee with Elizabeth Mason: Loveland school board candidate, financial specialist

Published October 24, 2021.

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News Elizabeth Mason, Loveland school board candidate. Photo by Joe Wessels/LLN. ©2021 Loveland Local News.

LOVELAND, Ohio — Elizabeth Mason wants to be on the school board to get things back on track.

Mason met with Loveland Local News Publisher Joe Wessels at the Loveland branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County to discuss why she is running, why she chose to run with Al Juram and Colette Boyko on a slate, and how she hopes to bring back some old-fashioned values to Loveland schools – including getting student and teachers away from depending on laptops for so much of their learning.

The married mother of two talks about why her age – she’s 38, though we really do hate to have to ask that as is mentioned – has become a bit of a talking point as she’s campaigned – and a whole lot more.

Duration: 40:17

Recorded on 10/5/2021.

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Coffee with Elizabeth Mason: Loveland school board candidate, financial specialist
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