Coffee with Eric Schwetschenau: appointed Loveland school board and candidate Nov. 2

Published October 24, 2021.

LOVELAND, Ohio — Eric Schwetshenau never exactly envisioned a turn toward the political, but that’s where he found himself in 2020 when a long-time school board member resigned.

Loveland school board member, Eric Schwetschenau
Photo provided. Eric Schwetschenau, Loveland City School District school board member and 2021 candidate. Provided.

Schwetshenau, pronounced “Shhh-wet-shuh-now,” who is a successful otolaryngologic surgeon (that’s ear, nose, and throat doctor to the rest of us), was asked to apply for his seat on the Loveland school board during a period when his seat and another seat, formerly occupied by Ned Portune, opened up when Portune resigned. The remaining board members appointed him to the open seat.

With two brand-new members on the five-person board, two failed levies, a teacher contract to be signed and a raging worldwide pandemic, Dr. Eric, as he is often called, had his hands full.

Loveland Local News publisher, Joe Wessels, talks to Schwetshenau about his recent record on the school board – including a controversial vote to not require students to wear face masks – and why he decided he wanted to take on this new role. And, why he wants to continue to serve, despite the controversies and the tough decisions the school board will face.

Duration: 34:08

Recorded on 9/26/2021.

Coffee with the Candidate
Coffee with the Candidate
Coffee with Eric Schwetschenau: appointed Loveland school board and candidate Nov. 2
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