Straight From The Heart – Statement from the City – February 14, 2019

City Hall 120 W Loveland, Loveland OH 45140  •  •  513-683-0150   
Certain allegations were recently circulated online and by email to residents and members of the media by a City employee related to the operations of the City’s Public Works Department.  These allegations relate to a personnel matter on which the City is limited in its ability to respond due to privacy limitations.  The City treats all personnel matters seriously and we strive to maintain that necessary balance between protecting the rights of the accused, and the right of the person making the claims to do so.  That being said, there is a point at which the dissatisfaction of one person cannot be permitted to allow for misinformation to be presented to the public as statements of fact.  The fact is that in this matter, the allegations made by the employee have been reviewed and investigated by the City Manager and his staff and many of them lack any corroboration or substantiation, and several were found to be false. The City has taken appropriate disciplinary and remedial action where needed.  Despite this, the individual making these allegations is unhappy with the results of that investigation and has chosen to exercise his right to make the same claims to various County and State agencies and to circulate them to residents.  Each of the outside agencies have either reviewed the matter and declined to investigate further, or referred the matter back to the City. Nevertheless, the City has already put in place safeguards and procedures and has approved several others to ensure the alleged conduct could not take place in the future.
City residents can be assured that the City will continue to protect the interests of our taxpayers, will not ignore claims of wrongdoing, and will continue to treat all of our employees justly within the bounds of fairness and due process as we continue to review the matter as warranted.

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