Firefighter from FDNY

COLUMN: A Tribute to Exceptional People

On Sunday evening I was driving along Springdale Road in Colerain Township, and a white Montgomery fire truck passed me. Moments later, at the corner of Thompson Road and Springdale, I saw another truck, I think from Forest Park, pull out of the Colerain Township firehouse. [Read More ➡️]

Public Safety

9/11 Memorial Event

Join us on Friday, September 11, at the Police and Fire Memorial at 8:00 p.m. to honor of those who perished on September 11, 2001. Two search lights will be lit at dusk and a [Read More ➡️]

Law Enforcement

LPD welcomes new officers

On Tuesday, July 14, during the City Council meeting, Officers Dakota Parks, Vicky Johnson, and Lawrence Mehn were sworn into office by Mayor Kathy Bailey. Officer Parks attended High School at Clermont Northeastern High School. [Read More ➡️]

Law Enforcement

LPD Officer Chad Caudell retires

On Tuesday July 14 the Loveland City Council recognized Officer Chad Caudell for 22 years of service to the Loveland community. Lieutenant Amy Campbell said throughout his career with the Loveland Police Department, Officer Caudell [Read More ➡️]