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The 2019 Loveland High School homecoming court.
Photo by Joe Wessels/Loveland Local News.

Loveland Local News

LOVELAND, Ohio — They had no idea what was about to happen.

Tony Ricci

But for the real-life dating couple who both are in and were representing the marching band in the homecoming court, they were about to get a surprise it seems neither expected. Percussionist Molly Hansen and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Scott, a sousaphone player, topped the voting by their classmates and were named the 2019 Loveland High School homecoming queen and king, respectively.

As their names were read over the Tiger Stadium loudspeaker, both reacted with smiles and, what appeared to be, some shock at being named king and queen. See the photos in the gallery below to witness their reactions – and others in their court.

Tony Ricci was the grand marshall of this year’s homecoming parade, which happened the night before the game through the streets of Loveland. Ricci owns Tony’s of Cincinnati, a steakhouse on Montgomery Road in Symmes Township. Ricci is noted for provided for donating meals, money and other items to Loveland students.

Photos by Joe Wessels/Loveland Local News.