Construction Projects

2019 Construction Projects

State Route 48 & Loveland-Miamiville Rd. Water Main Replacement– The City of Loveland will be awarded a $249,360 grant as well as a $356,940 0%-interest 20 year loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission for this project. The project includes replacement of a water main and roadway resurfacing from the 90 degree bend of SR 48 near St. Columban, south to the intersection of SR 48 / Loveland-Miamiville Rd. / Oak St., and continuing south on Loveland-Miamiville Rd. to Sugar Tree Ln. The project will also include an upgrade to radar vehicular detection at the signalized intersection. Choice One Engineering started survey and design work for the project in January, 2019. JNT Excavating was awarded the project contract.  Construction began in late July, 2019 and will be complete ahead of the late November contract completion date.

Annual Road Program– The annual road program was budgeted to have $550,000 in 2019. There was also $285,000 budgeted for repaving in public parks. A construction project contract combining the two items were awarded to J.K. Meurer Corp. The roadways planned for resurfacing will include Brandywine Ln., Brushwood Dr., Cedarbrook Dr., Durango Dr., Falcon Ln., Poplar Dr., Quailwoods Dr., State Route 48 (a 2,180′ section between Five Points intersection and Legend Way), Tanglewood Ln., Timberidge Dr., and the intersection of W. Loveland Ave. at Loveland-Madeira Rd.  Other minor areas will also be repaired on Legend Way, Riverside Dr. and W. Loveland Ave. (near Karl Brown Way, Lebanon Rd., & Riverside Dr.).  Glen Lake Dr. (from pavement transition to northern dead end), Lemontree Ln., Mellowwood Ln., Pheasant Woods Ct., Willow Run Ln., and Woodridge Dr. will have limited curb replacements permformed this summer, but paving of the streets is contingent upon whether enough remaining funding is available after the previous listed high-priority work is completed.  Construction on the public streets are anticipated to take place over the summer and early fall. On-street parking restrictions and minor traffic delays are expected.

Park Resurfacing– A total of $285,000 was budgeted for resurfacing pavement in public parks.  Pavement resurfacing work was bid and awarded as a part of the above-referenced road program contract with J.K. Meurer Corp.  Resurfacing of the rear parking lot and walking trails within Phillips Park were completed as a part of this project.  Sealing of the parking lot near the East Loveland Nature Preserve will also be performed.

Cedar Dr. Water Line Replacement–  JW Brennan Excavating, LLC was awarded the $98,100 contract for construction of a replacement 8″ water main between 360′ southwest to 870′ southwest of the Oak St. intersection.

West Loveland Ave. at Loveland-Madeira Rd. Traffic Signal Improvements– The City of Loveland has budgeted $205,000 for construction improvements to the traffic signal at W. Loveland Ave. and Loveland-Madeira Rd. for 2018. The intersection received replacements of the controller, wiring, and other features, as well as an upgrade to radar vehicular detection capability and decorative poles. TEC Engineering began the traffic study and timing plan in 2017 in anticipation of this project. The project construction was awarded to Elex, Inc. and completed in spring, 2019.

Kiwanis Park Playground Replacement– The City of Loveland purchased a new Gametime play structure and swingset with $42,000 of local funds for Kiwanis Park through a federal procurement contract. DWA Recreation, Inc. completed the project in spring, 2019.

McCoy Park Court Rehabilitation– The City of Loveland has been awarded a grant from Clermont County to assist with the resurfacing of the basketball and tennis courts at McCoy Park. Pickleball markings were also added to a tennis court. ABCO was awarded a contract in the amount of $18,130 for this work. Construction was completed in summer, 2019.

More Information

For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, CFM City Engineer, at 683-1050 by email.

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