Former Councilman receives volunteerism award

Todd Osborne, center, with members of the Loveland City Council. Provided.

At the March 23 meeting, City Council presented the Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Volunteer Award to former Councilman Todd Osborne. The Rockwood award seeks to recognize the time and accomplishments of volunteers serving the city.

Todd Osborne served two terms on Loveland City Council from 2003 to 2011. Both before and after that service, he volunteered countless hours to nonprofit groups, Loveland schools, and the city. Since his time on Council, he has focused time and energy on researching numerous ordinances, properties, and Council actions for the city administration and City Council members. He was instrumental during the city charter update, is a subject matter expert on the Law and Ordinance Committee, currently chairs the Council Rules Committee, and recently joined the Public Relations and Communications Committee.

“Based on his track record of deep service to the community, his wide-ranging knowledge of the workings of city government, and his continued dedication to best outcomes for the city, I believe Todd is a natural fit for this award. Thank you for considering him,” said Kent Blair when submitting Osborne’s nomination.

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