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A planned gas line replacement project along Loveland-Madeira Road has a major intersection partially closed.

Duke Energy contractors dug up the roadway to access a gas line in the Loveland-Madeira Road and W. Loveland Avenue intersection closing the two westbound lanes from the junction on W. Loveland Avenue. The closure is expected to continue until 7 p.m. today. Workers will add metal plates to cover the ditch, weld them in place and use pins to keep them from sliding, a supervisor said.

The same area will then re-close at 9 a.m. Wednesday and should re-open around 6 p.m., if not sooner, a supervisor said.
Another closure is possible on Thursday if work is not completed on Wednesday, but unlikely, the supervisor said.

Delays today were increased because workers inadvertently hit the sewer line and had to repair it after incorrect information was given to gas line workers, officials said.

The Loveland Ohio Police Department is helping to maintain traffic through the area, which had minor back-ups.

A supervisor said the intersection will have to be maintained again in approximately two months to do gas line tie-ins, after work is completed on the rest of the project. Notices will be sent out ahead of that project.