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Dr. Amy Crouse is the superintendent of the Loveland City School District.

Welcome to S(o)up’s On, a production of Loveland Local News, where we sit down with Loveland City Schools Superintendent Amy Crouse and discuss all-things Loveland schools.

With Tuesday’s vote for a 16.78-mill combined levy, and after we do a little get-to-know, host Joe Wessels and Dr. Crouse dive right into talking about the levy and why she feels, along with many others – the school board included – the school district needs this levy.

Part 2 of our conversation will be out late Monday – just in time for you to cast your vote.

After Election Day, we’ll be releasing more episodes and delve deeper into what makes the Loveland City School District tick.

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NEW PODCAST: Levy talk: Part 1 with Dr. Amy Crouse
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