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Loveland Local News

LOVELAND, Ohio — of people come to Loveland and other towns and villas along the Little Miami Scenic Trail, known colloquially as “The Loveland Bike Trail.” Most have some understanding that before pedals pumped and strollers strolled, trains ruled these right-of-ways and pulled freight and human passengers along the more than 78-mile former Little Miami Railroad.

But what was it like to actually be a person riding – or driving – a train through these towns. An online video has a cab-eye’s view from what appears to be, according to commenters on the video, 1967 – including a ride right through downtown Loveland, Ohio.

Move the video below to about the 7:25 mark to see it as it is about to go through downtown Loveland. Move the video forward or backward to see other familiar places along the ‘ole Little Miami Railroad.

View from the cab of a locomotive as it makes it through downtown Loveland in, what is suspected to be, 1967 along what is now the Little Miami Scenic Trail.