Heather French Henry: Miss America 2000, politician

Heather French Henry, or Heather Renee French, or as I once knew her, just “Heather” the page designer. Or maybe the-one-who-would-not-go-out-with-us, as I would remind her. Many might remember her as Miss America 2000, former Louisville TV anchor and, most recently, a candidate for Kentucky’s Secretary of State.

It was great to catch up with her and hear her amazing story – from growing up in Augusta, Ky. horsing around with her old neighbor, George Clooney, to marrying the then-Lt. Gov. of the state of Kentucky – 21 years her senior – Steve Henry. They’re still married, have two kids, work hard and seem to have fun doing it.

Thank you for listening to From Cincinnati. Special thanks to Chris Collier, a Cincinnati musician, raw talent and a great person for allowing us to use her music in today’s episode. Thanks, Chris!

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