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  1. I am in Florida now, but Loveland will always be HOME to me! I will really enjoy reading all about it! ❤️

  2. Joe, you are the one making the 9/11 event political. Loveland is just coming together to honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks. Get off the politics for one night, please.

  3. No they don’t need a parking garage . If they do go forward with it I think it should be put out there to be bid on by local contractors . I think it need a to be free of any personal contact by any council member that may make any kinds of gains from it.

  4. No more! Our “downtown” is saturated with too much concrete growth ,already. Expand growth to the shopper’s Haven area on Loveland Madeira road.

  5. Hmm. “Creating news” from innuendo, conjecture, speculation & misstating facts does not lend to credibility. Dave Kennedy has done this community a tremendous service procuring grants saving taxpayers $$. His character & integrity are above reproach & he works has worked tirelessly since the day he was hired. Loveland has been very fortunate to have him at the helm especially during the last 15 months. Regardless of whether there is a garage put there or surface parking Dave will investigate all funding avenues available. I think more people would patronize the businesses & farmers market if they knew they could find parking.

  6. Can we talk about the traffic in downtown Loveland please! With Loveland being so popular it is so frustrating trying to drive home from work through downtown Loveland. Had to wait 15 minutes just to turn from Riverside Ave. onto West Loveland. There are only three bridges to get across the river in the Loveland/Maineville area and now with so many road closures, it is so frustrating to just try and get home after work. It’s been bad for years and now it’s at a breaking point. I want to move away from Loveland just because of the traffic through downtown. Can we please do an article or a study about the terrible traffic! If there was a bridge to continue Fields Ertel road across the river or a bridge by the the Loveland Canoe Rental, it would make life so much better. Let’s use the $7 Million from the stupid parking garage and invest in an additional bridge. Doesn’t that make sense?

  7. Someone posted on there that it was Diwali, an Indian holiday which includes fireworks on many nights.

  8. Can you please do a story on the need for an additional bridge across the river. There is now another townhome community being build by the railroad tracks and talk of a parking garage but where does all that traffic go? Though a tiny street with a cross walk and closures for parades and other celebrations. There is not an easy go around to cross the bridge. A story on this would be great!

  9. no one who lives in Loveland wants the eye sore garage!! or ever did we like Loveland the way it is stop trying to ruin the small town feel.

  10. Personally, I think the businesses that have popped up in our historic and beautiful downtown deserve a parking garage. Restaurants and businesses deserve to have others patronize their wonderful wares and fares, not just walkers and bikers. The parking garage goes hand in hand with the development of our downtown. The phenomenal restoration of our downtown has improved our entire community’s standard of living and appreciated our property values and our schools. I applaud the development, which is far superior to the decades of depreciation that preceded it! Let’s build the garage to support our businesses, restaurants, and community and welcome all to our spectacular community which is truly the envy of many of the surrounding areas. We are so lucky to live here!

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