Veterans’ Memorial

Veterans Memorial FlagsVeterans’ Memorial

The City of Loveland is dedicated to our veterans, which can be evidenced through parades for a veteran’s homecoming, or in our Veterans’ Memorial. The Veterans’ Memorial is a beautiful plaza designed to honor those who have served our country. It is located on the corner of West Loveland Avenue and Riverside Drive.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers in the memorial feature the names of local veterans. Brick Paved Brickspavers are placed in the days prior to Memorial Day each year.  In order to have a brick paver paced for Memorial Day, orders must be received by April 1 to allow for time engraving and placement.  Orders placed after April 1 will be installed for the following Memorial Day.  To learn more about purchasing a paver please call513-707-1439. Download the memorial paver application form (PDF).

Directory of Pavers

Directory of PaversThe Directory of Pavers report was produced in order to assist patriotic residents find their engraved pavers in the Veterans’ Memorial. Download the Directory of Pavers report onto you smart phone.  Then perform a “search” on a unique identifier in the directory, e.g. surname, first name, key word, rank, military service, war, etc. Depending upon the uniqueness of your search criteria, you may receive one or more responses.  After you locate your paver in the report, the paver address will be identified with a: Section [1-6}, Row [A-F], and Paver number [1-89]. Once identified, proceed directly to your Section and Row in the Veterans’ Memorial.  Please note, individual pavers are not marked with numbers, you must count the pavers, beginning with the first one, to find your individual paver.  If you need assistance finding your paver, call 513-707-1439.  Please send corrections and additions for the Directory of Pavers report to [email protected]

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