GUEST EDITORIAL: School board campaign makes final appeal for votes

By Rebecca Moates

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News Rebecca Moates is Eileen Washburn’s campaign coordinator. Photo provided.

Fall has come around the corner fast. Nature shows us her absolute loveliness in transition from green to sudden golds, reds and browns. Warm, almost hot days are blown away by the chilly wind, hot coffee, school, and boots. If you forgot boots at the bus stop, fall also brings dancing to stay warm until the reassuring sound of an engine that most of us correlate back to childhood, comes around the corner. The change of season is dynamic but also steady and enduring despite obstacles. As a community, we have room for change but there must be a core strength in experience as well.

Our school board election brings a board seasoned with experience yet working toward change. While fall brings festivals and pumpkins, with this fun is also the work of people together creating a good community. This year in particular has magnified across the nation, the importance of local school board elections. This is confirmation of how important our local elections are but also there is much here that needs work. We have, in this moment, an opportunity for the community to rally for what we believe in.

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News Eileen Washburn is a candidate for the Loveland school board. She was first elected in 2017. Photo provided.

When I met Eileen Washburn, I was sitting in a school board meeting, listening and learning. As background, I am a spouse, mom of four children, with 14 years in the health sciences, including military service. This was both the cause and effect of my core values: integrity and service. Sitting at board meetings watching work happen, I want to reach out to say, “I am here to work alongside you as a parent and community member.” Watching and listening, I have seen Eileen’s dedication to her job and how seriously she takes her role. She exemplifies service in her willingness to stand in our shoes and understand the needs of the community alongside the school. I feel honored to work alongside her in this campaign. I believe in positive action and working for change and it is happening right here.

            Eileen’s work and dedication to Loveland as a school board member began in 2018. She brings 17 years as an educator to the table as well as her experience as a parent. She is not one to shy away from difficult issues and despite pressed situations, is level-headed in decision-making. She goes out of her way to be the best she can continually for others. When the discussion of mitigation for the pandemic was brought up at the board meeting, she was seen as “the voice of reason” by many community members. When concerns for mask utilization were brought up as an emotional effect on children, she advocated and brought a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center psychologist on the medical advisory group for reassurance.

Coffee with the Candidate Podcast w Tuffy BIG Logo
Coffee with the Candidate
Coffee with Eileen Washburn: school board incumbent, teacher

Our community and many others have experienced extraordinary upheaval over the last two years with the pandemic. Eileen knows where the work needs to be done and has the experience to do this successfully. As Eileen prioritizes her role as a teacher, board member, and Loveland parent, she has spent countless hours speaking with the community at various events. Her energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to this community is apparent to anyone that meets her. Her core values rotate around integrity and kindness, being here for all children, creating positive change in public schools, and service to others. I value Eileen not only as a person but as my number one choice for the school board election.

            As individuals, it can often feel discouraging to look at what could need change and whether a vote is significant. Our voting does matter, especially for local elections. We have seen evidence of this in our previous elections. Now is the time, roll up your sleeves and get out and vote. I highly recommend Eileen Washburn as an A-plus candidate for Loveland’s school board.

Rebecca Moates, who lives in Symmes Township, is the campaign coordinator for Eileen Washburn, who is an incumbent school board member running for re-election in November 2021.

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