October 13 City Council Meeting

Council in Brief 

Mark Bersani, owner of Loveland Canoe and Kayak, received Loveland’s 2020 Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Volunteer Award. Recipients of this award are recognized for their time, accomplishments, and service to the City.

Minutes from the September 22 and 29 City Council meeting were approved.

City Council held a public hearing to consider the sale of 9.8389 acres of City-owned property located on Butterworth Road, Warren County. Following the public hearing, Council adopted emergency legislation to transfer the property to the Loveland Community Improvement Corporation.

An ordinance authorizing the lease of two City-owned garage bays located at the rear of 210 Harrison Avenue to Oma Real Estate IV was adopted.

City Council adopted an ordinance to revise appropriations for the fiscal year ending in 2020.

A resolution accepting the amounts and rates determined by the Hamilton County Budget Commission that authorized necessary tax levies was adopted.

Resolutions were approved to allow the submission of three grant applications to the Ohio Public Works Commission’s State Capital Improvement Program.  The projects, by priority, were (1) Main and Chestnut Street Water Line Replacement; (2) E. Loveland Avenue Improvements; and (3) W. Loveland Avenue (Paxton) Bridge Improvements.

A resolution authorizing an agreement with Hamilton County to seek reimbursement for eligible EMS and Public Safety expenses incurred with respect to COVID-19 through the Hamilton County CARES Act Plan was approved.

Council authorizing an agreement with BME, Inc. to repurpose restroom facilities at Nisbet Park, Phillips Park, Lever Park, and McCoy Park with touchless plumbing fixtures. CARES Act funds will be utilized to complete this project.

An ordinance reducing Loveland’s minimum monthly water rate usage amount was introduced.  The second reading and vote will occur at the October 27 City Council meeting.

The Loveland Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) sold two parcels on Highland Street and W. Main Street. The CIC will retain the proceeds ($18,612.60) for a possible rehabilitation grant program to fund improvements to owner occupied residents within the Loveland Heights. The program, which is still under review, would match homeowner contributions with grant funding up to $2,000 for exterior improvements.

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m.  The meetings are held at City Hall, 120 W. Loveland Avenue, and are open to the public. Meetings are live streamed on the City’s website, and a video recording of the meeting is posted on the website after the meeting. Meeting agendas and supporting documentation are posted on the City’s website prior to each meeting. Additional information on actions taken at the City Council meeting can be obtained the following day by contacting the Clerk of Council at 513-707-1437 or [email protected].

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