PRESS RELEASE: September 22, 2020 Loveland City Council Meeting

Council in Brief 

Bishop’s Quarter received Loveland’s 2020 Business Enhancement Award. Recipients of this award demonstrate an increase in business, increase in employees, and the most effort to enhance the esthetics of their property through a combination of renovations, building additions, painting, or beautification projects.

City Manager David Kennedy presented a water rate analysis and proposed modification to the minimum water usage amount. This modification would support the City’s ability to maintain its water system, which includes a water treatment plant, three wells, three water booster pump stations, three ground storage tanks, four elevated storage tanks, and 76 miles of water main distribution piping.  The proposed modification would reduce the minimum water usage amount from 4,000 gallons to 2,240 gallons.  

Minutes from the September 8, 2020, City Council meeting were approved.

City Council held two public hearings:(1) for the lease of a City-owned storage building at 210 Harrison Avenue aka the Bronner Garage; and (2) a proposed zoning text amendment to allow retail warehousing in the Loveland Commerce Park.  Following the public hearing, City Council adopted legislation to approve the zoning text amendment.  An ordinance authorizing the lease of the Bronner Garage was introduced.  The second reading and vote will occur at the October 13 meeting.

An ordinance amending the City’s Historic Preservation Regulations was adopted.  The amendment changed the name of the committee to the Historic Preservation and Planning Commission.

A resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with Choice One Engineering for the engineering and design of the Miamiview Drive culver replacement project was approved.

Council authorized the City Manager to submit a grant application to the Ohio Environment Protection Agency to secure funds to install a dual port Level 2 electric vehicle charging station in the Linda J. Cox Trailside Parking area.  

A resolution was adopted authorizing an agreement with BME, Inc. for improvements to City Hall, Public Works, and the Safety Center by installing touchless plumbing, lavatory, and sanitation facilities. Funds from the CARES Act Relief Funds Local Government Assistance Program will be utilized to complete this project.

An ordinance to make revisions to the appropriations for expenditures for the City for fiscal year 2020 was presented for first reading.  The revisions recognize reductions in budget and situations where unplanned or underbudgeted purchases have been necessary.  The second reading and vote on this ordinance will occur at the October 13 meeting.

City Manager Kennedy provided a summary of the progress of City Council’s goals, which are: (1) Continue to build and promote a vibrant downtown by identifying strategies to encourage private investment while continuing to improve safety by investing in infrastructure and maintenance; (2) Advance the economic health of the City through balanced business expansion, retention, attraction, incubation, and placement of businesses to advance an environment conducive to maintaining the quality of life to which residents and business communities have become accustomed; (3) Fund, maintain, and improve infrastructure throughout the City, reverse a trend of deteriorating pavement conditions and improve the street system that supports the community, while improving the appearance of the community and encouraging private investment; and (4) Establish a high-performing, efficient, effective governing system through open, multimodal communications with our residential and business communities; ensuring active participation from the citizenry, while maintaining a professional, capable City Administration to collectively create a model of successful municipal governance with service levels commensurate with the requirements of a growing community.  

City Council held an executive session to consider the sale of property.

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m.  The meetings are held at City Hall, 120 W. Loveland Avenue, and are open to the public. Meetings are live streamed on the City’s website, and a video recording of the meeting is posted on the website after the meeting. Meeting agendas and supporting documentation are posted on the City’s website prior to each meeting. Additional information on actions taken at the City Council meeting can be obtained the following day by contacting the Clerk of Council at 513-707-1437 or [email protected].

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