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Tom Smith, Assistant City ManagerThe preliminary on-line survey for the comprehensive plan that was on the City’s website is now closed. Watch for upcoming surveys and open houses so you can weigh in on Loveland’s Comprehensive Plan. 

At their last meeting, the Comprehensive Master Development Plan Committee established sub-groups that will focus on Quality of Life and Connectivity/Mobility aspects of the community:

  1. Character and Identity – Will address how new buildings should look, how the City can improve its gateways and corridors, streetscaping and landscaping strategies;
  2. Economic Development – Will address strategies to attract and retain new businesses, how to improve our existing business districts and corridors, what amenities do our current businesses require to remain successful including electronic and utility infrastructure;
  3. Residential – Will address strategies to improve or keep existing residential neighborhoods healthy, guidance for what additional housing types are needed in the community, visions for future annexation areas; and
  4. Parks and Natural Resources – Will address how the City can better utilize its existing parks and natural resources, how to improve access to these facilities, recommendations for additional parks or related facilities needed within the community.
David Kennedy, City ManagerThe City is preparing to commence the long-awaited Broadway Street Stabilization Project.  The $413,000 project will address the long-standing issue of hillside slippage along approximately 400 linear feet of Broadway Street near the intersection of Hanna Avenue. To stabilize the hillside, a concrete pier wall will be installed.  Additionally, an existing 36” box culvert will be replaced, and five new catch basins also installed.  Following the installation of the pier wall, box culvert and catch basins, new guard rails and concrete curbing will be installed.

Road Slippage – Broadway Street
The financial parameters for the project include 50% of the project costs through an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant and 50% through a 0%, OPWC loan.  The City had submitted for funding for this project numerous times in the past, so for it to finally be funded was excellent news as the problem was worsening.

The City’s infrastructure needs are significant and include roads, parks, stormwater, curbs/gutters, and our water treatment facility and distribution system. Maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure is an expensive endeavor which is why the City aggressively seeks state and federal grant funding to help offset the cost to complete important projects.  This effort is led by City Engineer, Cindy Klopfenstein who along with Public Works Director, Scott Wisby must monitor and prioritize the needs of the City’s infrastructure. Cindy has been able to secure numerous grants for the City through the OPWC program and other state funding sources.

Although the project was delayed as the City awaited formal release of state funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction will begin as soon as possible.  The design of the project is a long-term solution that will not only address an important public infrastructure project, it will also protect adjacent private property. Once the project commences, motorists should anticipate some road closures and corresponding detours, which will be reported in advance. For any questions on this project or future infrastructure projects, please call City Manager, David Kennedy, at 513-707-1454 or by email at [email protected]

Dennis Sean Rahe, Police Chief

Sometimes people ask us, “What does law enforcement “Professional Standards” mean?” Many professions across the world hold themselves to a high standard of conduct. And, to prove compliance, they have regular peer-reviewed audits to ensure they are meeting the highest standards their industry requires. 

The Loveland Police Department recognizes the immense responsibility and authority we are granted. We remain committed to living the highest professional standards. In fact, our very first core value is Integrity. The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board is an important part of our integrity. They serve as law enforcement peer reviewer auditors in Ohio. Agencies, like the Loveland Police Department, wishing to certify must follow strict policies and procedures but also prove compliance to those policies in our actions and training to the assessment team. The LPD Family is proud to be certified by the Ohio Collaborative and to expect the highest professional standards from each other. To learn more about the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board please visit their website

Bruce Hawk, LSFD Executive Officer

Without the federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, our community would have to pay much more for emergency services.  Fortunately, the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department was successful this year in receiving three grants totaling nearly 40 thousand dollars. These funds were received from the Federal Government and the State of Ohio.  This year’s funding will be utilized to send three firefighters to the University of Cincinnati, where they will be trained as paramedics.  This is a year long process that costs over 10 thousand dollars per student.  The remaining grant funding will be used for COVID-19 protective equipment.  In addition, a fourth firefighter will be sent to Sinclair College paid for by the Candice Cook Foundation.  The Department has applied for additional grants that are in process and the department hopes to hear from the government sometime this fall.

Tom Smith, Assistant City Manager

In their meeting held on July 28, 2020, the City Council motioned to send the application for a rezone back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for clarification on the City of Loveland Code of Ordinances Chapter 1115.06: Standards for Zoning Map Amendments. The proposed re-zone is for property located at approx. North Second Street (St. Rt. 48) south of the Sentry Hill Subdivision. The proposed re-zone would go from Residential- Medium Density (R-MD) to Residential- Multi Family (R-MF).

The Planning and Zoning Commission met this month to review a proposed zoning text amendment.  The amendment, if approved by council, would add a definition for retail warehousing to the Planning and Zoning Code, and add it as a permitted use in the Light Industrial (L-I) zoning district. At the meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission also began discussion on the process for conducting an in-house review and amendments of the City’s Planning and Zoning Code. While this work by the commission will be a lengthy one, it will save the City considerable money over hiring a consultant to conduct the task.

The Building and Zoning department is in the development of converting its applications, permits, payment methods, and processes to digital formats. With this conversion nearly all functions of the department will be digital and online.

The City would like to welcome Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) to the Downtown District. PRMG will be opening a Loveland office in the former Cincy Shirts location at 295 West Loveland Avenue. PRMG has nearly 180 branches throughout the country and will be a nice addition to the City’s downtown business district.

The Loveland Life Pantry received a permit for interior alterations. They will be moving into the Shoppers Haven Shopping Center.  Section D of the development taking place at the NorthStar Church received its temporary occupancy permit; just in time for school to start. The Tiger Express Laundromat also received their permit for interior alterations.  

Tom Smith, Assistant City Manager

Please remember that protecting the aesthetics, integrity, vitality, and property values of residential neighborhoods and commercial zones are integral to health, safety, and wellness; and provides a sense of propriety that assists in the growth of personal and community investment.  As summer is upon us, here are a couple of tips that will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

  1. Remove and replace loose peeling paint;
  2. Trim back trees or foliage to provide for additional sunlight to exterior mold areas;
  3. Cleaning and removing leaves, branches, and debris regularly from gutters can prevent damage to fascia, soffit, roofing, and in some cases leakage into your home;
  4. Proper storage of vehicles that are inoperable and/or unlicensed; 
  5. Proper storage of lawn equipment, trash, garbage, and refuse; and
  6. Removal of any mold or mildew that may be surfacing on exterior walls 

To report an issue or problem please visit:

For a list of upcoming meetings, click here.

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