PHOTOS: Loveland HS Seniors Have Moving Parade

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LOVELAND, Ohio — Loveland seniors are getting short-changed in the traditional sense. No graduation ceremony, no classes and no seeing friends as they finish their high school years – to name a few. Thanks for the memories, coronavirus. Hope we don’t see you at the reunion.

Where coronavirus quarantine takes away, it, in a way, births new ways to celebrate the students’ hard work. Tonight, that form looked like an unofficial caravan-parade throughout Loveland City School District neighborhoods.

The parade began at 7 p.m. in Loveland High School’s parking lot and wound its way through the district – estimated to take 52 minutes for one car and under non-parade circumstances. However, the parade was several dozen cars long, mostly decorated in Loveland orange, black and white, honking. Graduates inside were waving, blaring party music, many wearing caps and gowns – lots and lots of smiles. The actual parade took closer to two hours to complete.

Here, see photos as the parade made its way through the Fox Run Farms neighborhood between West Loveland Avenue and Union Cemetery Road. The route traveled down Heidelberg Drive and took a right turn on Woodwind Drive.

View Loveland Local News’ photo gallery as the parade made it through the Fox Run Farms neighborhood in Loveland:

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