Straight From The Heart – April 14, 2020

David Kennedy, City Manager

It is hard to believe that the City’s declaration of emergency was not even a month ago.  Since that date, the City has worked hard to find that line between maintaining essential services, while at the same time assuring that we are doing our part to restrict the spread and protect the health of our employees.

While the City was quick to reduce staffing, shut down public facilities, and take all necessary actions in concert with state and federal orders, we are also keeping a sharp eye on the financial impact the pandemic will have on the City’s books.  One of the first actions taken by City staff was a thorough review of the City’s 2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Each project within the CIP was looked at from a simple basis of whether it could be put on hold or whether its completion was essential.  Projects and purchase agreements executed prior to the outbreak remain intact, along with grant funded projects such as renovations of the Nisbet Park restrooms and another round of upgrades to McCoy Park.  Many other projects have been temporarily suspended, while some have been cancelled for 2020 and will be reviewed again through the 2021 budget process, at which time the City will have a better knowledge of the financial impact of the pandemic.

The City of Loveland, like all cities across the country, is eligible for Public Assistance (PA) through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The City has already completed the required Request For Public Assistance (RPA) form and staff has gone through training on the various items that are eligible for reimbursement.  With this, records are being kept so the City is properly prepared for filing the needed paperwork to recoup some of the associated costs for labor and materials associated with the City’s action directly related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Eligible reimbursements include purchases of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), along with other associated costs utilized for maintaining state and federal social distancing requirements.

As the City Manager, I have a front row view of how the City and our community has reacted to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Backed by the leadership of Mayor Bailey and the support from City Council, staff has never missed a beat in quickly adjusting, reacting, and taking all needed steps to meet the needs of our community, despite significant restrictions.  Thanks to Chiefs Huber and Rahe, our emergency operations have not missed a beat, and the safety of residents has not been compromised. Also, having the benefit to being able to interact with residents regularly, I have been amazed by their patience and understanding as we adjusted our operations.

On behalf of our elected officials, and all of City Staff, we are excited about the thought of someday returning to normalcy and look forward to the re-opening of our businesses and our parks.  We will continue to follow the guidelines as they are released and will maintain our communications to our residents and businesses along the way.
Thank you again for your patience, and as always I can be reached at 513-707-1454 or via email at [email protected]

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