City Council Goals

City Council goals are established at an open work session with Council members and City staff. These goals are set to shape the Loveland community’s future and protect the community’s assets. Council’s current goals, which were established in Resolution 2020-33, are as follows:

The following are hereby established as goals for the City of Loveland for the next two years:

  1. Continue to build and promote a vibrant downtown by identifying strategies to encourage private investment while continuing to improve safety by investing in infrastructure and maintenance.
  2. Advance the economic health of the City through balanced business expansion, retention, attraction, incubation, and placement of businesses to advance an environment conducive to maintaining the quality of life to which our residents and business communities have become accustomed.
  3. Fund, maintain, and improve infrastructure throughout the City. Reverse a trend of deteriorating pavement conditions and improve the street system that supports the community, while improving the appearance of the community and encouraging private investment.
  4. Establish a high-performing, efficient, effective governing system through open, multimodal communications with our residential and business communities; ensuring active participation from our citizenry, while maintaining a professional, capable City Administration to collectively create a model of successful municipal governance with service levels commensurate with the requirements of a growing community.

In conjunction with Resolution 2020-33, City Staff will update City Council quarterly throughout the next two years on the progress made toward achieving these goals. To view updates on the progress towards meeting City Council’s Goals, Click Here. If you have any questions about the goals, call the City Manager at 513-707-1454 or via email at [email protected]

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