Woman crashes into back of Loveland High School

A woman drove her car into the northwest corner of Loveland High School Tuesday evening. The car was towed from the scene. Police were still investigating what caused the accident. Joe Wessels/©2019 Loveland Local News.

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LOVELAND, Ohio — A woman crashed her car into the back corner of Loveland High School this evening while people were inside a classroom.

The accident happened around 5:30 p.m. No injuries were reported but substantial damage was done to the northwest area of the building. Two people were inside the building in the area of the crash, which is an art room, according to Loveland Police Chief Sean Rahe.

“The affected room and the room above (it) will be closed tomorrow,” said Susanne Quigley, Loveland schools public information officer. “It will not affect instruction.”

Quigley said engineers will be on-site in the morning to evaluate the building. The Loveland building inspector has already seen the damage.

Police said engineers have already begun evaluating the structure and deciding if the classroom or that part of the building would need to be closed until repairs could be completed. Officers said the woman driving the car was “embarrassed.” Her car was towed from the scene.

The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department also responded to the scene but no one was transported to the hospital, Rahe said.

Chief Rahe said officers were still investigating the accident’s cause, but could not rule out a medical issue or another cause. He also said he was unsure if the woman would be cited for the incident.

“We’re still looking into that,” Rahe said.

Joe Wessels | Loveland Local News The Loveland Police Department responded to car into the rear of Loveland High School Tuesday evening. Joe Wessels/©2019 Loveland Local News.


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