By Brian J. Mueller


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The world is not machine!

Sometimes I don’t realize
I’m doing what I’m doing,
or feeling what I’m feeling
until I fall off to sleep,
trip down a rabbit hole
 and reawaken to the subtle,
but no less profound reality,
where everything speaks,
and everything is connected
by fur, feather, feelings,
as all colors begin bleeding
into a beautiful, wet rainbow
right before abrupt re-entry
to my normal state –
an hyper-alertness clinging
to analytical understanding,
which always fails to explain
the subtext accompanying
my every action, conversation
and the resultant emotions.

I write this to remember
the world is not machine.
It’s a beating heart,
breathing lungs,
seeing eyes.

In consequence of inventing machines,
men will be devoured by them.
~ Jules Verne

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