By Brian J. Mueller


Gothic Love
My first poem.

The night both clear and cold,
Did wax of stories often told.
The sanctuary stood still and dim,
As its bell tolled a perilous hymn.

A beautiful lady walked far from sight,
Avoiding paths of flooding light.
Within her darkness a tear did fly,
Filled with a love unwilling to die.
For it is a terrible, terrible thing to adore,
That which death can touch for evermore.

Now the beast swooped down on her as if the wind,
And ravaged her love with a savage grin.
He cut so deep he touched her heart,
But found true love he could not tear apart.

Why do you hurt me so?, she cried.
Can you not see the pain I hold inside?
What I see is deep, dark despair,
That ages ago I too did share.
Come with me you must surrender,
I know a place where love is tender.

She looked into his wild eyes,
And saw the truth only a fool denies.
So off they went to the land of the undead,
Where as king and queen they made their bed.

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