By Brian J. Mueller


What’s in a generation?

Everyone enters this world
in a generation of one
or of one hundred million.

My generation is called X.
We’re like the card burned
before dealing a hand
of Texas Hold ’em.

To be an X means
 being squeezed between
two much larger generations:
the Boomers and the Millennials.

To be an X means
arriving at the beginning
of a crumbling world order,
still fully invested in it.

To be an X means
owning a healthy skepticism,
yet unable to avoid feeling
depressed and hopeless.

To be an X means realizing
we we’re gonna be alright,
even though we must let go
of our youthful expectations.

Each generation imagines itself
to be more intelligent than
the one that went before it,
and wiser than
the one that comes after it.
~ George Orwell

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