By Brian J. Mueller


It’s music for the soul.

Now that I’m listening,
now that I’m paying attention,
the silence speaks to me
like an eighty-piece orchestra.

Sometimes it’s like Mozart,
bright and uplifting,
perfect for a sunny day.

At others it’s dark and heavy,
like Wagner’s swirling Valkyries
on a dark wintry night.

And then there are moments
when the silence is pure genius,
and like the lustful and divine light
pouring from a wounded Beethoven.

I see why some
might avoid the silence.
It’s like taking a drink
from a fire hose.

Still the silence feeds my soul,
speaking from deep within
and in-between all the chaos
– a symphony calling me to sanity.

True silence is the rest of the mind,
and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,
nourishment and refreshment.
~ William Penn

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